When a Cookie Crumbles

Hurry! The cookies need help to get out of the kitchen and its crazy tools. 

The cookie and its friends are fleeing from evil kitchen devices because they’re afraid of being eaten. The kitchen staff wants to prevent that. A wild escape is making the cookies fighting for their lives. 

On their dangerous path, the cookies need to dodge opponents, like rolling pins and spatulas. Even extremely sharpened knifes are trying to get them off their way. Could you help the cookies to win against the kitchen devices? They will try to irritate you - they will keep you away from doing your job - they will destroy the cookies. 

But they are supported by old friends. Certain types of items enable beneficial effects. The timer slows down the opponents and helps the cookies leaving them behind. The protein milk prevents cookies from being destroyed right after the first beat. But not everyone can resist these challenges. Can you? 

Collect diamonds and expand your love for cookies!
 There is a variety of cookies in terms of multiple colors and shapes, which contain different ingredients. Will you catch them all? Travel through various kitchens and beat your own highscore. 

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